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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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The shops that had been made tax-free   ...      7
The remaining shops                              ...    36*

At the rate of 1 ruka per shop, (the

total shop siddhayam) amounts to... ga 3

The perquisite (vartana) of Graurappa

Nayadu together with adukolu f ...  10 -f 4

The durga-biralam (fort tax)            ...             3|

Total shop dues, adukdlu, etc.  ...           53J$

(b) Magga-siddhayas (Fixed income on looms) :

The specification of the 370 looms which remain
after excluding 4=1 looms that were given away as
manya from (the total number of) 411 looms :

(i) Looms weaving (? coloured cloth) :

The looms of Ghirivi Setti of the

Padmasale caste                         ...     65

The looms of Kunigiri Lingi Setti.    100
The  looms weaving red-cloth  in

Q-aurappanayanipeta         ...    230

The looms of Vlrayya                 ...     16

Total (number of) looms ... 411
Manya (tax-free) looms ... 41
The remaining looms         ... 370

At the rate of \ ruka per loom per month, the income is
ga 15 ru 5;

and for one year the cash                            .    ga  185

Gaurappa Nayadu's perquisite (vartana}...         20

The fort tax (durgam viralam)                 ...         10

The amount pertaining to kanika            .*.          8

The total amount of cash from looms ...     

* The correct aumbcr is 32.
t The meaning is not known.
% This total is not made up correctly.